Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Tr.....BLAH!

So, I probably started out with my expectations set too high. But I was pretty excited about this whole trick-or-treating thing. Lilli was actually old enough to catch on this year.

Elizabeth was excited enough for both girls:

Unfortunately Lilli had other ideas:
Poor baby. Her lunch didn't agree with her. Several times.
So, needless to say, she stayed behind with Grandpa and Grandma while the other three of us gamely went off to the Mall-O-Ween.
Things started off well enough:

But this should have reminded us that the girls had the same lunch:

Still, she perked up enough to enjoy the brand new (opened that day) playground:
She even made a little friend:
Shortly thereafter though, she tossed her cookies all over herself, her daddy (his sandals may never be the same) and the (did I mention it was brand new?) playground. Strangely, both she and I were most concerned about the damage done to her costume, but it cleaned up just fine.
To the poor woman who had to clean it up, sorry about that! To our friends C and N, who witnessed the whole thing, REALLY sorry about that.
I guess that was the trick part. In all it's technicolor glory.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope they're both feeling better, but if it helps, she was an adorable pirate!

AmShaZam said...

Ha, ha! She looks so sweet, though- both before and after the explosion!