Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Good Ones

A couple of weeks ago I listed the various things I've been asked to do posts about. Some of you said nothing (that's ok, I'm good with that...*sniff*), some of you kindly said you would listen to anything I want to go on about, and the rest of you want more pictures. You didn't care if they were of me or of the girls, but you wanted photos of the ladies of the family. So you're getting the girls. These are my favorites of the Sears session we had at the beginning of the month. Yes, I have several favorites, but then I do love my girls and I think they're beeee-yooou-ti-ful!

*sigh* I just love them. LOVE THEM!


Sprite's Keeper said...

Okay, maybe it's a byproduct of my being raised with a sister close in age, but I love the one with the girls in matching dresses. Framable!

Hannah said...

I love that your oldests has the curliest hair and your baby is straight as a board! LOL funny how that happens isn't it? :)

and I agree- very cute pictures!

Rachel said...

yes. Elizabeth took after her daddy, and Lilli, poor thing, took after me. Which means that I'm in for fun during their teenage years when they both want each other's hair. *sigh*