Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm It!

Ok, I was only indirectly and generally tagged, but I'm entertained by the concept of revealing specific information in a post instead of whatever pops out of me based on what photos are lurking in my camera.

Places I go over and over:

1. Work- it can't be helped.

2. Target- I could live there.

3. Il Primo- a brief story about this one. This is a pizza place. Well, technically pizza and wings, but they have a limited menu. Somehow we started going there once a weekend, and eventually a habit was formed and now Elizabeth expects to go there, my dad relies on leftover pizza as a component of her weekday lunches, the employees treat us like family, and we can't easily get out of it. And I'm so sick of pizza I could cry. And I have tried every other item on the menu and I'm out of options. Blech. And this is a tragedy because it's really good pizza.

4. McDonald's- When they stop adding crack to the Egg McMuffin I will stop going there.

5. Panera Bread- One finally opened by my work and C and I aren't over our infatuation yet.

6. The local library- Every Wednesday. That's where you'll find my family.

What Happened Yesterday:

1. I woke up- it couldn't be avoided.

2. I had an Egg McMuffin

3. C and I went to Macy's at lunch and got our girls more clothes. Shhhhh.

4. Our weekend was too busy to include grocery shopping, so I went to Publix. I maaaaay have found a new variety of HagenDaz. Something to do with caramel and salt. It may have looked yummy, and I may have purchased it. But that's all we need to say about that.

5. Lilli came down with something, poor baby. So we left the girls with Grandma and Papa and... our friends are still in town we went to Bahama Breeze for a childless dinner. It was very restful to not have to juggle goldfish crackers and sippy cups.

Looking Forward To:

1. Having two days off this week

2. Independent Wealth? Unlikely, but I'd like to look forward to it.

3. The theater version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang coming to Barbara Mann. Don't mock me, just go watch the movie and try not to love it. Ahhhh.

4. Hmmm. A lot of initials in this one. The birthday parties of my friend C's daughter S and my friend L's son (aka Lilli's betrothed), D.

5. Halloween- I have a fairy and a pirate to escort on the great Candy Snatch of 2008.

6. Black Friday

I love about Fall:

1. It finally starts to cool down around here. High 70s, low 80s anybody?

2. Halloween

3. Thanksgiving

4. Black Friday

5. Finally getting decent apples down here

6. The local fall festival.

On my wish list:

1. To check out the United Kingdom safely escorted by a tour group and transported by a big bus.

2. Ditto Lichenstein

3. To go back to Disney World ASAP

4. To finally clear off my bureau.

5. To teach my pet rat Cocoa how to clean her own cage.

6. The obvious wish: to raise happy, healthy daughters who have success the way they want it, and then have them give me some grandbabies to cuddle.

Feel free to be tagged if you wanna. But if not, no biggie, this was my fun for today.


Anonymous said...

Totally on board with Panera. It's become our Friday evening stop on the way home.

wemt007 said...

You have tremendously beautiful girls and great posts.

Crack in Egg Mcmuffins eh? hmmm.

Rachel said...

Look who's talking Martin, Sydney is GORGEOUS! :)