Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spin Cycle: Halloween

Ok, Jen (at, for Heaven's sake, someone PLEASE tell me how to link things the pretty way!) said that this week's topic to spin on is the ghoulish, creepy, freaky, scary, hairy (why not? Werewolves are hairy) holiday known as Halloween.

My Halloweens, which have never been too scary to begin with, have gotten even tamer. See?

Admittedly, Lilli's eyes are a nice vampiric shade of crimson, but we have to blame that on my camera ( I have a love/hate relationship with that thing) and on my lack of Photoshop (either the product or the skill), rather than on some sort of clever Halloween contacts for babies.
Last weekend we had a Halloween party to go to, so the girls had a trial run in their costumes.

I must say, they were very pleased to be wearing them. Although I have to point out that Lilli's costume has the cutest little headband hat, and of course she refuses to wear it. So it's kind of hard to see that she's supposed to be a flower fairy. Of some sort.

Anyway, here's my spin on the topic: Halloween used to be about what candy I was going to get and how adorable I would look in my costume. Now it's all about what candy THEY will get and how adorable THEY will look in their costumes. And I don't mind at all. It's reassurance that I'm doing better in the war between selfishness and motherhood than I thought, and I like that.

I'm still going to eat all their Reese's cups though.


Sprite's Keeper said...

It's only fair that you get the Reeses, you are transporting them from house to house, right? Great costumes and great Spin! You're linked!

Joe and Melissa Vega said... hyperlink type the word that you want people to click on "here" "this" etc. Then click the little button at the top with the picture of the world with the paper clip on top of it (well that is what I think it looks like) then a little pop up will come up and you type the URL that you want to link to:)

Hope that helps!

Laufa said...

Tame Halloween's can be more fun sometimes. You may need a quiet night, instead of a scary one. Just wait, you'll have many scary ones once they are teenagers.

Rachel said...

Thanks Melissa! You rock! I'll give it a shot!