Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Ham and the Grump

Today was picture day for the girls. A long overdue one let me tell you. Poor neglected little Lilli didn't get 1 year old pictures. I sort of blame her for that though, she has the shy/cranky/clingy thing happening, and our last three pictures sessions have been a little stressful for mama. I keep punishing myself though. Still though, its been a good six months since I last put myself through this, and it was a solo Lilli session involving a soup pot and a lot of fake vegetables. It's a long story. It was enough of an exciting experience that I decided to give her some time to get over her issues. Hah. Ahahahahahahaha.

So, it was an hour of sheer misery, but I was pleased with the results. Oh, and since I'm a rule follower (ask just about anybody and they'll tell you that), yes, I legally own the below pictures. Sears suckered me into buying the CD version of the event for the first time ever. In my defense, the girl who was our photographer was a master of manipulating the "enhancements" and "vignettes" and was creating them left and right and they all get transferred to the CD. And then I can load them to Snapfish and go nuts making things. So I got pretty close to my money's worth out of them.

But as usual I digress.

Elizabeth spent most of the time as seen below. Hamming it up. Not sure why she was hyper, but there was lots of leaping, hiding behind backdrops, shrieking. and similar behavior. We did get several beautiful shots of her, but a lot were like this:

And this:

Let's see how thoroughly we can strangle our sister, shall we?

Lilli spent most of her time like this:

Although we got a few like this:

Note the disheveled appearance and the reddened eyes? I still think she's a pretty little thing though.

So yeah. It was a crazy morning. Not a good time. At all.

Did I learn my lesson? Not so much...

Our family Christmas portrait is scheduled for November 8th.


Anonymous said...

Is it wrong to say I love love love the strangulation one? (My mom has a picture of me at 2 yrs old with a funk on my face. She picked that one to remind herself years later of the hell I put her through.)
Yeah, Sears suckered us when we had Sprite's pictures done at 2months. (Thanks for reminding me, we need to get updates done!)

Misty said...

Very cute! They look like you to me! :) or, at least there's something in them that reminds me of you. (and, by the way, WHY don't you have more photos of YOU on here?!?!)

Rachel said...

Sadly (or not so sadly depending on your point of view) I don't have more pictures of me on here because I'm always the one taking them. I'm rarely in them. I'm good with that though. :)