Thursday, October 9, 2008


I was afraid that if I put the word "potty" in the title of another post, I'd scare you all off. But you know, it'll only be my first time potty training someone once so I feel the need to share.

Elizabeth has been doing reeeeally well. Last weekend she even went for several hours while we were out and about without a pull-up. And she used a public restroom (something she had initially resisted) 4 times that day. She is being super consistent, staying dry during naps, using the potty without being reminded, the whole nine yards. What a good girl. *sniff*

So, today we were heading to Sanibel Island where we planned to meet our visiting friends. Elizabeth had used the potty before we left, but asked to wear a pull-up. It's not a short drive, I was all for it. We had gone maaaaybe a quarter mile when suddenly a little voice said "I need to use the potty!" We have learned that doesn't mean in 20 minutes. Or even 10. We don't carry a portable potty, although apparently we are going to have to change that.

David: Just pee in your pull-up, it will be a long time until we can find a potty.
Elizabeth: I can't! I need to pee on the ground!

A pause here. She got this idea based on one of the first times she went out and about wearing undies. It was a Wednesday library night and we always get a bite to eat before we go, and she made it through dinner just fine and then said she had to go. She even went and sat (uncharacteristically at that point), but nothing happened. We got in the car and 30 seconds later in a voice of utter desperation she told us that she had to go and that she thought her car seat was a perfectly fine place to do it. Let me tell you, we have never pulled into a Wal-Mart parking lot so quickly. Since we didn't have a portable potty then either (to be honest, we don't even own one. Yes, yes, we will get one.), I told her to pee on the ground.

So this:
is my fault.

To the car who drove by while the action was happening- Sorry about that.

But look at how pleased she is!

My little potty champion is so dedicated to her training that she refused to pee in a perfectly good pull-up and did the equivalent of her first pee-in-the-woods.

Which is no fun task.

And she didn't even pee on her shoes.



Hannah Johnson said...

HA HA HA! Oh we have ALL been there! Those of us who have potty trained kids that is. Social niceties go out the window when a 2 or 3 year old has to pee! I once yelled at at payless shoes store clerk who refused to let me take a potty training child to their "employee only" bathroom. Then I told my daughter to go ahead and pee on their carpet (not the best move I've ever made as a mom-MIXED signals anyone?) anywho, it worked and we were permitted to use the sacred bathroom. LOL!

super congrats on not getting pee on her shoes! I can't get mine to not worry about watching so it doesn't end up on the bottom of their pants. Oh well! LOL said...

Omygoodness, how adorable is she?!?!? Love that story! I can only hope Sprite learns to view the potty as a place to let go, not hold it in. Oy!