Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I've been getting a bunch of e-mails lately. Apparently my blog lacks some things. I would have said that it lacks fancy technology and a coherent theme and sometimes basic grammatical structures, but this is what I've been asked for instead:

More pictures of me (*sigh* There really aren't very many. This would totally make me work)
The good pictures from the girls photo session, as opposed to the outtakes that you got to see.
Full disclosure on how much of a geek I am.
Lilli's birth story
To explain why I never talk about my cats.
An explanation of why I only want to travel in a tour group (and considering that it would devolve into a post on my fears in general, I'm iffy about this)

It's not that long a list, but I thought I'd take a vote to see if there really is any interest in reading about this stuff (For example, only one person asked me to come out of the nerd closet. You know who you are), or seeing associated pictures, before I hop to it. I have plenty of other things to ramble about so I thought I would check. As usual, if you have an opinion you can comment to this post, or those of you who've told me that its hard to post a comment on this site or prefer to remain anonymous can feel free to e-mail me.



Anonymous said...

Ooh, don't do the fears post until next week! That's gonna be the next Spin Cycle! As for all the others, yup, interested!

Hannah Johnson said...

BRING 'EM ON! I think you should do ALL of them :) hee hee! I love your ramblings.

Jordan said...

All of those sound interesting. I haven't seen/heard about you in so long I'm jonesin' for some good Rachel news. :)