Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So, if you want to be my best friend (for at least a solid 24 hours, possibly longer), just go somewhere (anywhere, really) and bring me back something sweet or chocolaty (both is even better) that I haven't had before. That's what my lovely cubicle mate E did, she brought me a candy bar back from her trip to the Czech Republic. That being where she's from, I assume she had an edge on what was particularly yummy.

Side note- She also brought me back a little calendar featuring happy little drawings/paintings by a Czech children's illustrator. His work looks very familiar to me, although I can't mentally place it into a book. Anyway, while on the surface the calendar seems a purely altruistic gift, I suspect it has a lot to do with her dislike of the M.C. Escher calendar I'm using at work this year. I can't really blame her, some of the months are pretty creepy. Try googling "MC Escher Rind 1955" for an example. No offense to Mr. Escher of course.

Back to the candy bar!

Of course I was immediately intrigued by all the unfamiliar Czech words on the wrapper. Despite this being a Nestle product, there was nothing in English. Apparently there is a reference to chestnuts, although I didn't get a translation on the ingredients, so I am not 100% sure there were any in there.

Do you see any chestnuts? I just see some niiiice dark chocolate waiting for me to bite it....

Don't worry little chocolate bar, I won't make you wait any longer...

Oh yes, that was nice.

Very, very nice.

Thank you E! You're the best cubicle buddy ever!


Anonymous said...

Quick, get this girl some Norman Love, STAT!

Hannah Johnson said...

That does look divine! Sarah Mohr (don't know if you remember her or not) she brought me some chocolate back from South Africa..VERY good. :)

Rachel said...

Oh yes. Norman Love is the BEST! Especially the straaawberry or the Tahitian Caramel. Num num num. Hmmmm. I would also happily eat South African chocolate though.