Sunday, October 5, 2008

Only in Florida

We have friends in town, and when we have friends in town we do the fun touristy stuff we never get to do in real life. So, Thomas Edison had a second home in this part of the world, and eventually his buddy Henry Ford moved in next door, and now you can tour the grounds where they lived and see parts of their houses. A big part of the guided tour (we did the self guided one this time, but I've been on the other more than once) is the botanical gardens. And they are pretty impressive. But how many places do you see signs like these?

It's like there's been construction. Only instead of falling beams or nails you're watching out for rogue fruit. I get a big kick out this.


Anonymous said...

Man, not only am I allergic to mangoes, they can also knock me out too? I've never seen those signs! Too funny. I hear the Christmas lights are beautiful when the estate does them.

Rachel said...

They have a whole lot of funny signs now that I don't remember. Don't climb the trees, don't eat the fruit, don't touch the "botanicals". Apparently there has been a rash of illicit plant related activity there and they need these signs.

And yes, I hear the grounds are beautiful at the holidays, but I've never had anybody visit me then who wants to go. You never know though, maybe one day we'll go by ourselves! :)