Sunday, November 2, 2008

What passes for fun at our house...

All I wanted to do was fold the girls' laundry. Really, is that too much to ask?

I freely admit they have too many clothes, otherwise there is no way I could let the "to fold" pile get so crazy because all the nudity would force me into action.

Yeah, these are just Lilli's:

Here are Elizabeth's:

Wait a minute, something is wrong with this picture. Why I do declare that someone has invaded her laundry pile!
Of course no one was content to simply let me fold the laundry in peace. Empty hampers = great hilarity:

The instigator:He even helped them make a fort.

I do have to say that I admire his patience. As I was running back and forth putting things away, I was amazed at how many times the following conversation took place:
Elizabeth: Ding Dong!
David: Who is it?
Elizabeth: It's me! I brought you a present!
David: What is it?
Elizabeth: Open it!
David: Wow! (genuine amazement and delight in his voice) It's a panda! I always wanted one!
Every single time he sounded just as excited as all the previous times. It was pretty impressive. Someone, somewhere, must be able to use that kind of acting talent. Just let us know if you want to pay big bucks to borrow a good daddy.
Still, all good things must come to an end. Here's my mini-me mocking my stern face:
You would think she'd be too young to make fun of me, but apparently not.
I have to remember that she's getting older though. Today she suddenly looked distressed and grabbed at her diaper and I asked her if she needed a change. She nodded vigorously and said "Poo!" That was the first time she ever said that, and it just so happens that she was right.
I guess I really need to stop putting off such a big girl's first haircut, huh? Eventually she won't be able to mock me through those bangs.


Sprite's Keeper said...

I love Google reader. I get the latest updates! Great photo essay! Sprite does the same thing when her hamper is empty. That poor duck hamper is on it's last leg, er, webbed foot.

Rachel said...

I have to figure out the Google reader thing. Among other things! Yes, the poor duck hamper is older than Elizabeth, and in much poorer shape than she is, but I have a hard time letting things go. I'm a Cancer. We're sentimental. What can I say?

AmShaZam said...

This is what daddies are for, right? To make messes and act silly? Wait- how many kids do I have?