Sunday, November 23, 2008


Nothing to complain about this weekend. The girls were in fine form and, since I had such a busy week that I barely saw them, I enjoyed that fine form a lot.

Here they are all snazzied up for church:

And in this picture bearing an uncanny resemblance to Laurel and Hardy, according to their daddy:

Lilli decided to grow up overnight and started saying sentences this weekend. Just the two word kind, but I don't remember Elizabeth doing that this soon (16 months?). Lilli's first three sentences were "Bye, Bailey!", that's one of our cats, "Tickle Toes!", a request, or, should I say, a demand, and, as I innocently walked off to my bedroom, "Mama poo?"

I do not know where the time goes! The other day I tallied up the list of words that little thing uses frequently and it blew my mind. It seems like 5 minutes ago that I was congratulating her on sitting up unsupported.

Here she is at 5.5 months doing just that:

If you look closely you'll see that I'd rolled up a blanket to put around her, but that was because this was a new skill, and I was afraid I'd have a cracked open skull to deal with if I didn't take precautions. You know how when they're a new sitter and they're going along just fine for like 20 minutes and all of a sudden they get tired or something and they just pitch over? Yeah. The tile at my house and the hardwood at my in-law's place scare me equally. Oh, and yes, I'm aware that she looks exactly like I did as a baby. She's my little clone. Although thank heavens she got David's eyelashes. But I usual...
So anyway, it was a good weekend. I saw the Twilight movie twice and did my part in contributing to the 70 million dollars in sales and was just delighted to read that Summit is going ahead with New Moon. I contemplated doing an actual review post on Twilight, but I bored myself, so I'll just leave it at saying that lots of parts were better than I expected, and no parts were worse. Oh, and seeing it the second time was just as good as seeing it the first time.
I also began to plan my Black Friday shopping route and did all my Thanksgiving shopping. A painful grocery bill, but now I am reeeeally looking forward to Thanksgiving. I love this time of year. Lots of things to enjoy as they come up and lots of things to look forward to.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

Black Friday? Being done on the East Coast with my mother and her best friend. I'm there for moral support and to break up fights.
I will see Twilight this weekend with my best friend who I opened the world of vampires to. I love this time of year too!