Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You should have seen us smirk...

Tonight I learned that Elizabeth has no sense of the current fashions of the times.

Well, I guess I already knew that since she never complains about the interesting ensembles her Papa puts her in every day. But at least I was reminded of just how literal toddlers are. What they see is the way it is, right?

Tonight was, of course, library night. So we were, as usual, out for dinner, this time at Subway. Don't look at me like that, fast food It saves us time. We have an 8pm bedtime to observe.

To make a short story long, Elizabeth had been talking to a couple of little boys while she was waiting for her food and they were waiting for theirs. Her talking mostly consisted of yelling things at them like "HEY LITTLE BOY, DO YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH ME?", but the point is she noticed them, they noticed her and there was conversation to a degree. So I brought the food to our table, their mom brought the food to their table and they went to the other side of the restaurant to join their mom and their older brother. Hee hee. Their older tween brother with a very current, very (at least in our neck of the woods in most circles) fashionable, 70's style shaggy haircut. Not crazy long, but long enough. Possibly longer than Elizabeth's hair. I'm sure, she has to have seen this haircut before, or at least long hair on a man, but maybe this is the first time she ever paid attention to some one's hair? Because we can't think of any other reason why she suddenly pointed across the restaurant and shouted "HEY! THERE'S MY FRIEND THE LITTLE GIRL!" We, smothering our inappropriate snorts, shushed her and told her that he was a boy. "NO!", she shouted, "THAT'S A GIRL!"

Poor kid. In this case I hope it's true that nobody but the mom and dad can understand a toddler.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

Elizabeth, don't worry. I know several adults who would say the same thing. It's actually quite funny!