Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm still alive...

You know what?

Good things have happened this week. Fun things, entertaining things, memorable things, crazy things. Plenty of things I could have said plenty on. But I have just felt uninspired all week long.

And I usually post at night, and instead of staying up like I normally do until well past midnight, I've been passing out almost as soon as the girls go to bed. I'm not the only one, on a couple occasions the husband has passed out that early too.

I think fall is getting to us.

I know the northern contingent has been through this already, but now that its hot one day and cold the next down here, or freezing in the morning and boiling hot in the afternoon, I just can't keep up. There are bugs going around, I've got that achy-fighting-things-off feeling, my seasonal tendinitis is acting up, and I'm kind of cranky. I pretty much glare at the computer and climb into bed. So if my slacking off becomes regular and not just an every now and then thing, sorry about that.

It's because I'd rather be hibernating.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

This weather has been up and down, but whenever I get out in the midmornings, I never want to go back into the office! I'm actually loving this time of year, but not the illnesses coming with it. (I'm getting over one myself.)