Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You know you've been obsessing too much when...

Backstory on the following conversation:
As I've mentioned we're going to Disney World. Actually I think I should have said that more like this:
I am pretty much beside myself with excitement. Since I haven't been able to convince my darling hubby that we needed a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth any time in the last 3 years (the children were supposedly too small...), the fact that it is finally happening in honor of Elizabeth's third birthday is a major big deal for me. I have planned this trip like a general prepares for battle. I have lists and itineraries like you wouldn't believe. Which is of course part of the fun. I dig the anticipation thing. We are actually leaving my baby home with my parents (for what feels like forever, but it is only going to be a long 6 days) and it is going to be All Elizabeth, All the Time. So my itinerary is, of course, completely based on what she would want to do. Or what I assumed she would want to do. She is getting very excited about this. To the point where if you mention Mickey Mouse, Disney World, or possibly any word starting with an M or a D, she will get her Minnie ears on and go stand by the front door saying "I'm ready! I'm ready!"

So, we were watching the Official Walt Disney World Resort video podcasts that I subscribe to last night, and she was asking me to play the clips of Mickey Mouse and the other characters and some of the rides over and over.

Me: Oh look! There's Mickey Mouse!
Elizabeth: I'm going to seeeeee him!
M: Oh look! There's the castle!
E: Yes! I'm going to gooooo there!
M: Oh look! There's the carousel!
E: I'm going to riiiiide that!
M: Oh look! That's fun! There's Dumbo!
E: I'm not going to ride that
M: (sure I had heard wrong) What?
E: I'm not going to ride that
M: You're not?
E: No. I can't

I hear you out there saying "So?" So, Dumbo is supposed to the THE NUMBER ONE ride on every toddler's list. They are adorable flying elephants! Around! Around! Up and Down! Delightful! My master touring plan, which is prepared to take in stride her not liking every other age appropriate ride in all 4 parks, has no contingency plan for a refusal to ride Dumbo. All I can say is WHAT THE HECK!!!!

Do you think she is just saying that to stump me?


AmShaZam said...

Hey! I just cheated. Instead of waiting for you to tell me where your blog is, I just found it myself! I hope you don't mind.

By the way, Disney World is AWESOME!! My children would be so jealous if they knew you were going. And if it helps, I could send you pictures of Carter when he was small, riding the Dumbo ride.

Rachel said...

Good grief! Why would I mind? I admire your detective work.

We would love to see a picture of Carter riding Dumbo. I'm not sure how much she would follow of the explanation of who he is, but she would get the "See? Small boy! Having fun!" part.

In an ironic twist after all my emotional highs and lows about this Dumbo issue, she told me today that she is going to "Ride the giant hippos". I guess will clear up the confusion in a day or two!