Saturday, September 20, 2008

Around the World in 11 Countries: China and Germany

So, back to my Disney obsession! Yay! I'm sure you're as excited as I am.

We really liked China. There is a huge shopping center/store thingy that pretty much extends the length of the pavilion and let us stay out of the sun for a good long hike. It was pretty thrilling. The entertaining thing about the below picture (although let me say, I thought the pond was beautiful even if, according to my ecologist husband, the plants are Florida plants and not Chinese ones. Whatever.) is the upper left hand corner. There is obvious construction going on back there, but Disney even prettied that up. Artful draping all over the scaffolding. Attention to detail, that's why I love them.

There is a long stretch between China and the next country, Germany. Fortunately there is a "refreshment outpost" along the way. And refresh we did. Although poor Elizabeth's ice cream was melting so fast that the straw was necessary.

Perked back up again, she felt able to help the dad and son (there, in the shade) with their drum playing. I'm sure they appreciated it.

Germany was also a lovely stop due to the interconnectedness of its stores. They do give a skewed view of the country though. According to Epcot, Germany is all about beer, cuckoo clocks, teddy bears, Playmobile and Christmas. That was ok with me though. We took advantage of the Playmobile thing and hefted a dollhouse around for the rest of the day.

You know, I should tell you a little story about that dollhouse. So, Elizabeth and I think it rocks equally. Her, because she's a little girl and she's supposed to, and me because I apparently never grew up. So in this little dollhouse (which if you want to google it is the Playmobile Take Along Doll House), there are tiny little mugs and a tiny blue pitcher. Which Elizabeth decided was for lemonade, and that plays into my story because it was apparently on her brain. There is also a tiny little book along with beds for all four figures (a mama, a daddy, a little girl and a baby girl. See another reason why we wanted it?). So, one night, Elizabeth tucked everybody into their beds, picked up the tiny book and said to the dolls: "I'm going to tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a little girl who was crying into her lemonade. Her mommy was sad because the little girl was crying into her lemonade, so I read everyone a story and it was all better. The End."

That's exactly what she said, word for word, no lie. Where she comes up with this stuff I don't know, but she definitely has an active imagination. Last Wednesday at the library she asked me to sit at one of the little tables with her and we then proceeded to have Thanksgiving dinner (popcorn was served) with a passing bear. And then she proceeded to "carry" the rest of the "popcorn" through the library while frequently checking behind her to make sure the bear (a boy bear, I know because I asked) was keeping up. I find myself shaking my head a lot. I know she's three now and is getting to the age for this stuff, but it still surprises me.

So, back to Germany!

See that little train? It looks almost identical to Spencer, one of Thomas the Tank Engine's friends. You may not care, but we have too many of Thomas' friends, so I am intimately acquainted with them and notice these things.

It's a nice train set though. If it were in the shade I bet we would have stayed there quite a while. However, I started to cook again, so we moved on.

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