Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Simplest Things Amuse Me

In preparation for my much anticipated trip to WDW, I read more than my share of guidebooks. And listened to a few hundred podcasts. And one tip I gleaned from my "research" was to take a digital photo of where you park so you don't have to remember where in the massive lot your car might be located when you drag yourself back at the end of the day. You know what else they are really good for though? If you take 480 some pictures over not that many days, they make really good chapter headings of where the pictures of the next park begin. And I get to be more entertained then necessary about how they decided to break up the lots. The sections shown are from the Magic Kingdom (characters), Animal Kingdom (mythical beasts), Disney Hollywood Studios (different kinds of media), Epcot (I have no earthly idea since I was a little too pooped that morning to notice the theme and I'm not really feeling like googling this right now, so if you want to know...), and back to Magic Kingdom. The only picture I missed was from the afternoon of our last day when we returned to Magic Kingdom after our one and only nap break through the entire stretch. I didn't catch that one since we were sprinting for the tram and I was too busy laughing at the fact that we had been directed to the "Grumpy" section. Ahahahahaha. Yep, I'm still finding it more entertaining than it actually was. That's just how I am.

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