Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So, this blog is really about my babies and my hubby and me, but I can't resist giving shout outs occasionally. My friend Mimi from high school lives in California now. In the coolest house EVER!! Her house was featured at and if you want to see the awesome places some people get to live you should check it out. You don't get to see the view she has, but the shots are great. I don't know how to link the exact entry, although this: might work. If not, it's the September 22nd entry. I call her style a little modern, a little retro, a little cartoony, but she has a much cooler description: "Ray & Charles Eames and Sir John Soane listen to indie-pop at a toy store." That phrase just makes me sigh with appreciation. Word of warning, Mimi's really smart and it shows in the post.

Mimi, you rock, and I'm in love with your house!

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