Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Around the World (for the last time) in 11 Countries: United Kingdom and Canada

If you've kindly stuck with me for this long, I appreciate it! And your good nature is about to be rewarded because this is (probably) my last Epcot post.

While we did not enjoy the aromas roiling out of the fish and chips shop, we liked the United Kingdom pavilion. It had been a long day so it was nice to sit on the curb for a while and watch a Beatles Tribute band. They encouraged us to sing along, which was good because I kind of already was. And not very quietly either.

After they finished singing and left the stage, one of the Disney PhotoPass photographers came over and asked us if she could take Elizabeth's picture. I said sure, but I was grimacing. See, its a sneaky thing they do to you and I knew it then. If you haven't been to Disney for a while, the place is now swarming more than ever with Disney photographers that lurk in front of the best photo spots and at all the character greetings. With their really nice cameras. So they get all these shots of you that won't look nearly as nice on your camera (even though they will take some for you on your camera as well, don't get me wrong, its not all bad), or, as in the case of the United Kingdom pavilion photographer, absolutely beautiful portrait quality head shots of your precious child. You have a little plastic card that you carry around for all the photographers to scan, and when you get home and log into the website, you see these amazing shots of yourself, your husband, your child, the scenery....all for the low, low price of $19.95 for a 5X7. And they only give you 30 days to purchase them after you initially log in. So they have you over a barrel because you waaaaaaaant these photos. And don't tell me to right-click-save-as, it doesn't work. Let me just say that there are some hard choices being rapidly made over here as time goes by.

So, as I mentioned we were exhausted. So much so that when I spotted this lovely stereotypical British phone booth, Elizabeth would not get out of the stroller to pose by it. So I just parked her and took my picture anyway. That is a lovely shade of red, you almost don't notice the completely over exposed little girl:

We were really fighting major apathy when we got to Canada. At this point it was like "*shrug*, yeah, it's pretty much the States anyway" I'm not saying it wasn't a beautiful pavilion though, because it was drop dead gorgeous.

Especially the view from the "mountain" we had to climb to thoroughly check the area out. The sun was starting to go down so it was cooler, there was a nice can see how we would have enjoyed parts of Canada.

And then, as if to congratulate us for making it around World Showcase, we looked across the lake, and there was a rainbow over Germany.

Other passersby were just commenting on the (not fully captured by my camera) beauty of the moment, but all I could think of was that I was super glad we had bought the little dollhouse in Germany earlier in the day, because there was no way I would have gone all that way back for it!

2 comments: said...

I love that garden view! Great photos by the way. You're making me seriously re-think my park choices!

Rachel said...

It really was a good day I have to admit. Just really long. Maybe you could park hop and do a full day of Magic Kingdom with a nap and stay all the way for Wishes or whatever the holiday fireworks are and then do the other day of Animal Kingdom in the morning while the animals are out, nap since it closes at 5 anyway, and then Epcot for the evening and Illuminations? My only regret from the entire trip is that we started at Epcot at 9 and slogged all the way through until 7. We didn't stop for a nap so there was no way Elizabeth could have made it through Illuminations and she would have loved it. You really should go to the Animal Kingdom though, the Safari and the train ride up to the petting zoo are must dos for toddlers I think and Elizabeth loved the playground. Tonight's post is on the different playgrounds she tried so you will see some pictures of the Boneyard which was very nicely themed. Oh, and may I recommend Flame Tree Barbeque for lunch? It's one of the few places that has a chicken leg as a kid's meal option and their barbeque chicken salad was goooood.