Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Potty Post (sorry about that)

Apparently this is a two post kind of day.

We are doing something right with the potty training. Whether it was the toddler bed or Elizabeth's age (kinda old for this) or something I haven't noticed, the potty training is really coming along. Friday night she (as I posted) earned Dora's backpack, on the way home from work I had to stop and get Diego's backpack. And she is now 3 stickers into her next Potty Present, but since she wants a Dora toddler couch thingy it is going to have to be a lot more than 10 stickers. That is a shockingly pricey item for a piece of fabric covered foam.

Anyway, I decided to be brave and put her in underwear for our weekly Wednesday Library Night and Fast Food outing. She wouldn't try to use the potty while we were out, but she didn't have an accident either and that by itself was pretty exciting. When we got home she went right to the potty, took off her underwear (hmmm. could those have been Dora too? why yes! They could!) and took care of business like a champ. And then, just to confound me totally since Mama must always be kept on her toes, she asked to wear underwear to bed.

We stuck one of those push on lights on the wall above her bedroom potty and she knows how to work it, although I fully expect a wet bed in the morning, but I am very impressed about this whole thing. But this time I'll spare you pictures. Although I think my "Diego's backpack" potty chart rocks the reward world. Off I go to make one for Dora's couch!

By the way, for my few, but delightfully loyal, readers, TOMORROW is the day we head north to Disney. And yes, I'm still so excited that I'm lucky I can breathe without hyperventilating. But I will be taking about a week off. Be prepared for pictures!


wemt007 said...


Sorry that this isn't post-centric but, how the heck are you? I have been wondering where you ended up and what you are doing! I am happy to see you smiling (in your writing and the rare picture). Here is our blog:

Rachel said...

Hey there! I'm doing awesome, and it looks like you are too! I checked out your blog and your little girl is adorable! I love her cheeks! And its perfectly ok that your comment isn't on topic. You'll be there soon enough! heh heh heh. :)