Sunday, September 21, 2008

Say Cheese!

Tonight we finally gave Elizabeth her biggest birthday present. Well if you don't count the Disney trip, which I really don't since it was just as much a present for me. But anyway, she got that Fisher Price kid's digital camera thing, which I have been anxiously waiting to give her since it came out. However, it says its for ages 3 and up and I'm a stickler for that stuff. It's pretty unbreakable and all rubberized and stuff with binocular type view finder and is easy to hold onto. She is beyond thrilled with it. Here is her first attempt, a nice extreme close up of my untoned arm:

Some 80 pictures later (thank heavens for the included memory card that holds about 900 shots), her technique improved, although I was worried she'd fall off the couch for this one:

and she still just as often takes a picture of her foot. She's learning though and fast. Obviously the quality or the pixels or whatever aren't that great, but she thinks it rocks and I think that I prefer pictures of me to be blurry!


Hannah Johnson said...

Super cute! I've been wanting to get my kids one of those for awhile now. I think they would LOVE it. I'm weird though cause I want the pictures to be good quality-I just see too many cute scrapbook ideas coming from that! LOL said...

Oh, my husband better not see this product, or he'll have it in Sprite's hands quick. He's such a fan of kiddie technology, but luckily she's still too young. I hope Elizabeth gets a lot of use out of it!

Rachel said...

Hi Ladies,
I was prepared for the quality since I had read some reviews, but it would have been nice if it was better. I think the 3 and up thing is just so you know that your child has big enough hands to hold it and take pictures at the same time and can work the thing. It only has four buttons though and is amazingly simple. I'm looking at it as a way for her to practice, which is what she always wants to do with my camera, without me worrying about her breaking something or possibly erasing the precious pictures on my own memory card. If she gets the hang of it and starts taking a lot of good shots and I think she maybe can handle a zoom function or more options, I don't have a problem with getting her up a level. Something cheap with better picture quality where I wouldn't be yelling if it got destroyed. We'll see! It's definitely a nice little gadget!