Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Things I missed

I was away for the weekend. I took my almost-3-year-old up to Pennsylvania to meet her great grandfather. Or "gweat gwampa" in Elizabeth-speak. I really didn't think I was that far out of the loop on National Events so to speak, but somehow I missed the following:

Hurricane Gustav widely bypassed Florida and headed to New Orleans.

Which it missed, thank heavens.

The Republicans moved their convention to Mississippi (or was it Missouri?).

During which there was a large anti-war protest involving tear gas and arrests.

Meanwhile Tropical Storms Hanna, Ivan and Jean(? Jeanine? Jessica?) happily formed out in the ocean threatening my upcoming plans for Disney World.

A huge list of other current events I still haven't caught up on.
Not to mention new postings on all the blogs I lurk on (blurk?) and huge drama in the world of the Twilight Saga.

Do you know what I was doing? Repeatedly singing the Wonder Pets theme song. Watching parts of Happy Feet and The Sound of Music. Saying "Elizabeth, watch out!" Convincing her to lay down long enough to pass out. Doling out a constant stream of snacks. Waiting at airports. Opening, shutting, firing up and shutting down the portable DVD player (an item worth its weight in gold).

It is interesting how life went on without me. But I just can't bring myself to care. It was that good of a weekend.

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