Saturday, September 20, 2008

Off my present topic:

So, technology not being my friend, I may have mentioned the fact that I can't link things in a pretty way. However, I want to take two seconds away from my current Disney obsession to wave around the link to a website that belongs to a couple that David and I are buddies with. It's and even if furniture isn't your thing, I would be delighted if you would click over to their site to admire the web design if nothing else, since I'm super proud of them for starting this up. I like initiative, I just don't have much of it. Also, if you are into being fairly green and like your furniture to be built only from renewable resources (i.e., actual solid woody goodness!) instead of the chemical laden scrappy press board stuff, they have the site to visit. Oh yeah, and their stuff is pretty too. Check out the "hand-slumped glass bowl". I don't know what "hand-slumped" means, but I want to cuddle it.

P.S. In a shocking departure from my major splurge on posting (really having to restrain myself to only two little topics a day), this is it for tonight. I spent too long playing Pirates of the Caribbean and I'm pooped. And we'll let that be a topic for another day!

3 comments: said...

I checked out the site, beautiful furniture! I especially like the teak bench for the bathroom. Now I'M curious to know what hand slumped means.

Rachel said...

I know! I'm going to have to ask my friend. I'm sure it isn't as intriguing as it sounds, but I want to know! Thanks for humoring me and checking them out! :)

Misty said...

yup....I'm digging it. I really like some of their stuff.