Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Around the World in 11 Countries: Mexico and Norway

Ahhhh, Epcot. I love it so. Perhaps if I had any international travel under my belt I would feel different, but, since I don't, I will happily take the Disney version of reality.

Mexico was pretty awesome.

And we saw signs that maybe Elizabeth will take after her daddy in more than the ways we knew about. He's got mad percussion skills if you weren't aware. And isn't it true that the drummer is always the cutest member of the band?

Norway, while beautifully themed, was not the cool retreat I thought it might be, but that might be more to do with the EXTREME HEAT at Epcot that day and not really be so much the fault of the Norwegians. Speaking of which, the lovely native of that country who greeted us at the entrance to the Maelstrom and assured us that it was not a scary ride and was therefore suitable for toddlers was dead wrong. It was not the giant three headed troll putting a "curse" on us which scared her, no, in fact Dora the Explorer has regular run-ins with a "Grumpy Old Troll Who Lives Under a Bridge", and as the giant animatronic rose up in front of us I would swear that I could hear Elizabeth humming his theme song under her breath. I would say that it had something to do with the fact that it turned into a fast backwards downhill flume ride in the dark. My baby is not much of a thrill seeker. Her favorite ride of all? Yep, It's A Small World. So it was no wonder I felt her little fingers dig into my leg and clench on time. Poor baby. So we weren't very cheerful as we pulled up to the "dock" in our little Viking boat. But sneaky Disney completely took the wind out of my sails (ahahahaha, no pun intended, really) by greeting us with Dream Ears as we got off the ride. Nothing like a freebie to perk you up. Sadly though, Elizabeth preferred to wear this:

2 comments: said...

That last picture is perfect! I'm sure the Small World ride will be last on our list this winter. I'm actually looking forward to the "Tiki Room" since I remember all the words!

Rachel said...

I loved the old song, but its been under "New Management" for awhile. How does Sprite handle Tiki Goddesses?