Sunday, January 11, 2009

Survival of the fittest...

I needed an easy blog topic today. We have been struck down by illness my friends, STRUCK DOWN! The only reason you're even getting a post is because I can breathe a lot better sitting up. Anything to delay the misery that going to bed will bring, even though I desperately need to sleep. I ended soloing with the girls today, which is a joy and delight when it doesn't hurt to move. Or breathe. Or swallow. Not so much delight today. But solo I did, since David spent the day in the emergency room. Yes, you heard me right. Turns out Bronchitis and untreated Asthma (so much for playing fast and loose with your lungs) don't make good friends. So he had steroids, breathing treatments, etc., and had to be rehydrated. Due to the fact that the vast amounts of mucous had made him throw up and he was spending more time wheezing and hacking then drinking fluids. Yummy, eh?

Oh, and guess what! We are taking are germy little selves to work tomorrow! Hoohah! Don't you wish you could be there to breathe in the plague for yourselves? This is what happens when you're given limited sick and personal days each year that you'd like to hoard for next December. We can't be taking them the third week of January. Gotta save the emergency ones for when the kiddos are sick.

So, bearing all this in mind, an easy post was definitely called for. I give you:

Why We Should Probably Not Have Any More Children:

We already knew she doesn't like competition.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh, how cute! At least she let the baby go down first..