Sunday, January 25, 2009

Close Call...

Yeeeeeah. I'm not sure if I've had my faith in humanity confirmed or we just got really lucky.

Somehow neither David or I locked our front door on the way to a birthday party today. In fact, we left it wide open. For a good four hours.

Brilliant, right?

Actually, I know exactly how it happened, I had my arms full so high I couldn't see over the stuff I was carrying, shouted "I can't lock the door!" and he...didn't hear me. And I didn't notice that he never headed that direction. So yeah. It was a miracle that the pig sty was still intact when we returned. Down to cash I had carelessly tossed on the dining room table in plain sight from the open front door.

As I said, brilliant, right?

We do have a small screened in enclosure outside the front door, so conceivably it could have looked like someone was home and was just taking advantage of the beautiful day if anyone had wandered why, but sheesh. I had four or five small heart attacks from the moment I heard Bailey meowing (realizing that there were only two ways he could have been inside the front entrance and one could possibly be bad. Very bad.) until everything had been accounted for. We wouldn't be very lucrative from a burglary point of view, no thousands of dollars of cash or stray diamonds lying around, but we do have the odd electronic gizmo or two, and what would we have done if our precious computers had been taken? Besides cried a lot that is. *sigh* We are internet junkies.

Anyway, all is well, but it has completely distracted me from my plan of posting cute pictures of the girls enjoying the birthday party in coordinated outfits. So, just so you know, they were cute, and they had a good time. And you'll just have to take my word for it.


Sprite's Keeper said...

I freak out when John leaves the front door unlocked. Oh, I would have keeled over right there. Glad everything is ok.

Rachel said...

Me too. Me tooooooooo.