Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spin Cycle: Say it in Rhyme

This week's spin made me melancholy (a five dollar word, that one!) for English class. We were instructed to write a poem!
The last time I tried to write one was several years ago during of a random phase of "I'm a poet (I'm so not)! I can write poetry (I so can't. *sigh*)!" However, Jen just said to write a poem about anything we want to, she didn't say it had to be good.
And since the only thing I can rhapsodize on effectively is my children, I give you:

Ode to Elizabeth’s Eyelashes

Oh, what feathery lengths of lace
Adorn the eyes on my child's face.
Their dark and fluttery expanse
Creates a mystical blinking dance.
Oh, that luscious silky frill
That delights me now, and always will.
Often, they make her cry,
"Mama! I have an eyelash in my eye!"
Still, I look at that glorious ruffle,
And my sighs of jealousy I do muffle.
She inherited them from her dad,
And about that I can only be glad.

P.S. Lilli has them too! I love genetics!


AmShaZam said...

I love it! I just finished writing a poem for one of my I was just in the mood when I read yours!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Perfect! You're right, she has gorgeous lashes. You're linked!

mrsbear said...

They're lovely. And the poem was nice too. My son has unnaturally long lashes too, longer than both my girls. They're green with envy.

True Blue Texan said...

Very nice. And that hair! Oh my, women spend a fortune getting their hair to look like that and she gets it for free. Lucky girl.

Shangrila said...

I think that you're selling yourself short! Clearly, you CAN write poetry. Your daughter's eyelashes and hair are amazingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing the lovely poem and darling photos of your daughter! :)