Monday, January 5, 2009

My baby can sing!

She's been humming along to her lullabies since she was 7 or 8 months old.

First that tuneless thing they do when they like what you're singing, then more and more purposeful as time as gone on. Lately she's been mmmmming and oooh-ing along with pauses at the appropriate moments, but this is the third night in a row that she's added words. Words! The RIGHT words! And she's slightly anticipating me (although naturally she's still nice and off-key), so I know that she actually knows the songs. Of course I am her mother, but it's the cutest thing EVER. She's only singing the words she can easily say though, so the songs go something like this: Oh wait, I should probably say that I corrupt other people's songs for my children, so you may notice that the following example has a lot of similarities to a really well-known song in some circles. So, with apologies to whoever necessary, I give you:

Rachel: Mama loves me, this I know
Lilli: Mama mmmm ME, mmmmm KNOW

Rachel: 'Cause she always tells me so
Lilli: mmmmm see mmmmmeeee SO

Rachel: When I'm happy, when I'm sad
Lilli: mmmmmm HAPPY, mmmmm SAD

Rachel: When I'm good, and when I'm bad
Lilli: mmmmm GOO, mmmmmm BAD

Rachel: Yes, mama loves me, Yes, mama loves me
Lilli: Es, Mama wuv ME, Es, Mama wuv ME

Rachel: Yes, mama loves me, She always tells me so
Lilli: Es, Mama wuv ME, See mmmmmeee SOOOOOOOOOO.

Seriously. Cutest thing EVER!


Sprite's Keeper said...

That IS cute! I can now figure out the songs Sprite is singing and now she tells me not to sing cuz she can't hear herself. What a diva..

Rachel said...

ahahahaha! Elizabeth does that too. "I want to sing by MYSELF!" hee hee hee