Friday, March 27, 2009

When is a conversation about lunch ever just about lunch?

Rachel: what did you decide about going out?
L: Panera
R: nice
R: mmmm
L: what do you want?
R: I think I'm Caesar saladed out. hmmm
L: do you need a menu?
R: I've got one, I'm looking at it
L: ok
R: weird. I have a craving for tuna fish
R: I'd probably regret it
L: yes
L: homemade all for it
R: Although it's Friday so they would probably have to keep making it fresh
R: ok, the Asiago Roast Beef Sandwich on Ciabatta, no lettuce or onions.
R: with chips as the side I think
L: ok would you be driving today?
R: sure
L: thanks
R: just remind me to go past the light will you? I always turn too soon
R: oh, and as usual, sorry about my car...
L: ok np
R: I live in filth
L: lol
L: lol
R: You get used to a certain level of degradation
L: too funny when you put it that way
R: maybe funny but sadly true
R: I frequently wish I were not so lazy
R: but it's the way I am [shrugs]
L: you are just a busy busy mom
L: and have priorities
R: yes, and I have discovered they do not include picking anything up.


Bex said...

i love reading / writing in script style!

panera rocks. i'm from st. louis - land of panera. i ate more than my fair share of asiago bagels until i moved to TX.

Rachel said...

let me just say, it was really tasty. And I find that there is nothing easier than a blog post that was copied directly out of an AIM box. Ahhhhhhh.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Ooh! Pick two! I got their bean soup last Thursday, really good!
Ha! word verification is "comsents" which completely blew the rest of my comment out of the water!