Monday, March 23, 2009

Taking it easy

Awwwww. My cute little couch potatoes. They love their Dada.

Elizabeth, especially. She is such a daddy's girl. She loves me, don't get me wrong, but if she could only rescue one of us from, say, the Titanic, she would definitely throw the life preserver to Daddy. Of course Daddy is the fun one, while I'm the enforcer, so I can't really blame her. I might be cranky about it, but Lilli is such a Mama's girl that it distracts me from any jealousy I might feel. We each have one.

The girls even agree about this. While we don't encourage it, we think its pretty funny. They start arguing in the back seat while we're driving somewhere, maybe fussing over some toy or stuffed animal back there, and when neither one can get the upper hand, it always comes back to the ownership of the parents.

"My Dada!", Elizabeth will say.

"My Mama!", Lilli will reply in complete agreement.

We are probably the only thing they both don't want at the same time.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

Unless one of them wants to piss off the other, then those tables will turn. I did that to my sister whenever I wanted her to suffer. It was great being the younger one!