Saturday, March 21, 2009

Small things please me...

...And sometimes they make everything all better.

After being stressed out for a while I needed some good things to enjoy.

So today I:

1) Got the Twilight DVD- I debated buying it, because you know, in this economy 18 bucks is 18 bucks that I could spend on like, the electric bill or something. And really, I have to say that the movie wasn't that good. Although not as bad as I expected. Hmmm. I think I've said that before, I just had Deja vue hit me with quite a wallop. Anyway, I'm an unashamed over aged fan of the books and needed to own the movie. I also discovered (while I was at Target) that Peeps chicks come in Orange this year, so really, that was two good things that happened. They also come in red this year, but it made them look kind of bloody and it took all the fun out of the thought of eating them.

2) I met Tess Gerritsen. There was a Reading Festival downtown today and I wanted to go specifically to meet her and to have her sign my favorite of her books, Gravity. I should mention that in general I'm usually pretty much a ridiculous combination of sunshine and cheeriness. If I have a dark side, it's that I really enjoy books about serial killers, as well as medical thrillers. The more vomit inducing the better. And that is the kind of book Ms. Gerritsen writes. I don't like that kind of movie, I would pass right out if I came across those situations in real life, but I sure like the books. Anyway, I had wanted to go to her presentation, but the Target stop made us later than I thought so by the time we got there, found the perfect parking spot, and unloaded out of the car, I just sailed right into the line for her book signing. She was extremely nice, although when I told her that Gravity was my favorite of her books, she said that it was one of hers as well, but that usually it is the one that the men bring for her to sign. So I felt both complimented and slightly insulted in equal parts. That's ok though, it's still a good book. It explores the mayhem that would occur if an alien life form from the bottom of our ocean that was only contained by the extreme pressure down there were accidentally brought to the Space Station and unleashed in the Zero G and happened to be deadly. Reeeeeeally good, and reeeeeally icky.

3) Had lunch at a restaurant that serves the best chicken salad on the planet.

4) Went to the CREW benefit concert, which stands for Corkscrew something something Watershed, with JUST MY HUSBAND. As in, on a DATE. Yes, I know, amazing, right? It was freezing cold (i.e. high 60s) and very windy (which probably brought the windchill factor down to the low 60s), and even though were were shivering, at least we were shivering together. And listening to Bluegrass.

If only every day could be like this.

*Note: I got some concerned e-mails asking what happened to Cocoa. As it turns out, I still don't know what she actually died of, but the important thing is that she is now safely interred underneath one of the banana trees in the backyard, and she looked very peaceful. Literally like she was sleeping. And thanks for the notes of sympathy, I thought it was quite charming that some of you told me you would keep me in your prayers as I recover from my loss. She may have just been a rodent, but she was a sweet one, and I appreciate it.*


Camille said...

I have never in my life enjoyed eating a Peep. But I'm glad it made you happy!!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I MUST ask, what retaurant did you go to? We went to the Reading festival yesterday as well and scored some books for the kid then made our way to Morgan House for some lunch which turned out wonderful. (They had curry chicken salad on the menu which I was reminded of.) Also, we went to the Town Center that night and there was some bluegrass band on who also tackled some rock and roll and country and I was all, DUDE, pick a genre! Awesome day!

Rachel said...

It's McGregor Cafe. I'm obsessed with them. Where is Morgan House? I feel I'm missing out!