Friday, March 13, 2009

This is one of the reasons I married him.

Even though Elizabeth is fully potty trained, she wears Pull-ups/training pant things to bed and when we are going to be in the car for a long time, because I am a lazy mother who doesn't like to change sheets if someone sleeps too soundly and fears someday needing to clean emergency pee out of the car seat.

I'm not hooked on any one brand though. Pull-ups, Easy-ups, generic, I don't care, it's whichever ones I have a coupon for.

Tonight we went to BJs for a whole long list of things. David got there first, so I was talking to him on the phone attempting to micro manage this shopping expedition from the road and trying figure out how to explain the sizing difference between the brands, because I wanted him to get whichever one turned out to be cheaper. And he surprised me by saying "I know, I know. Pull-ups are the Dora ones, get size 6, Easy-Ups are the Princess ones, get size 3T-4T."


I must say I was impressed, I didn't even know he was paying attention. But I shouldn't have been surprised. He's just that good.

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