Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Random Day

Well, here we are again at Random Thoughts Tuesday. Or as my brain insists on calling it, Random Tuesday Thoughts. Which kind of means something completely different. At any rate, one of them is brought to us by The Un Mom. Please pretend you see her button right

Yes, Tuesday has a way of sneaking around the week and whapping me in the face. Nothing used to happen on Tuesday except that it was one day closer to Friday, and now I've gone and created obligations for myself. Fun obligations though. So:
Random Thought the first: All my bills are due between the 23rd and the end of each month. I didn't ask for them to be that way, they just are. It works nicely. Except for one that is always due the 17th. Whyyyyyy? Is it just to torture me with the fact that I keep paying the dang thing late? Is it true that you can change your billing cycle?
Random Thought the second: Apparently I can no longer let my baby kiss me, at least not in her usual full on open mouth fashion (sometimes with tongue! I am not letting her attend high school). She's gotten me sick! I do not appreciate it.
Random Thought the Third: My cat Bailey thinks he's a dog. As evidenced by the fact that we are currently playing fetch and the ball is wet with his slobber. Which is now on my keyboard. ewwwwwwwww. Excuse me while I go wash my hands.... Until I met Bailey I wasn't aware that cats even COULD slobber. But let me tell you, they can.
Random Thought the Fourth: My biological clock has been going off again, in a wild and crazy fashion, despite my attempts to suppress it. We can't afford a third child without some major lifestyle changes, we would have to stack up the kiddos like firewood to fit them in this little house, I'm not sure I want to face all the developmental milestones again, etc. But I was looking at the cutest little baby in a magazine tonight and boy did I want to snuggle one. Plus have you seeeeeeen some of the cute little clothes out for newborn girls right now? Of course it would be a girl. And I've already named her. Even though David doesn't like the name. This urge is getting to be a problem. So I did the smart thing. I read this post, which is a flashback to my Lilli's birth, and congratulated myself anew for creating myself the most perfect form of birth control ever. I read that when I need to, and oh yeah, I'm two and through!
Random Thought the Fifth died a sudden death when I just realized that I'm exhausted and have quite a bit to clean up before I can go to bed.
There's always next Tuesday though!


Sprite's Keeper said...

Great randomness! Yes, I believe you CAN change your billing cycles! I am jones-ing something bad for another one, but stupid economy and stupid sensible husband are holding me back..

Keely said...

Nice post! I have one of those bills too. But I pay them ALL late, so really it makes no difference in my life.

(Which reminds me. Must pay bills).

I'm still waffling on the 2nd baby. I have a very small window of opportunity, which starts, like, NOW, and every time I see somebody's newborn pics I just want to snuggle them. But on the other hand, I quite like having my body back and spending one-on-one time with X. Sigh.

Rachelle plus 4 said...

I also have a ticking clock---calm down, I don't want another kid. My clock wants me to get married. NOW!
Like really married. Not that fake marriage to that jerk (see my blog "my story").
Anyways, I'm rambling and forgetting my thoughts. Oh yea, my marriage clock is ticking bad! Somebody tell my boyfriend!