Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: A nice pat to the old ego...


Here are a couple of random thoughts, brought to you by the Un Mom.


One of my favorite things about Florida (yes! There are some things! I know, I'm shocked too), is March. In this part of the state, that's when the orange blossoms come out and play with us. And boy do they come out. The scent is like a drug. The last couple of days I've just walked out of the house, inhaled and pretty much gotten drunk. Or high or something. And I live nowhere near an orange grove (well, according to David we're a couple of miles away. But still! It's not like they're next door!). It is amazing. I wish I thought it was safe enough around here to leave the windows open all night long. Because then my house would smell like orange blossoms and not three cats, and 2 little girls, and a big mess. *sigh* I'm not very trusting these days though.


I had a nice little ego boost this evening. I'm "pushing 30", as they say, and naturally I've started to feel a little elderly. Well, tonight a kid who doesn't know me (really a teenager) randomly approached me and said (all excited like) "Do you like Twilight?!?!?!" I was taken aback, but, well, I do, so we then proceeded to have a 20 minute conversation about the series. Yes, two strangers chatting away like old buddies (well, three, she had a sister), but 1) books can bring all kinds of people together and 2) this kind of thing happens to me all the time, just not usually about Twilight.
Substantially into the conversation we had arrived at Breaking Dawn *SPOILER ALERT*, and I was expounding on my theory that the reason most teenagers don't like the 4th book is because they haven't had children yet (at least most of them), so they don't understand how well Stephanie writes the love of a parent for a child, and just think the whole Bella having Renesme thing is icky and stupid and please give them more of Edward and Bella at Prom. While we moms totally get it.
At that point, I realized that the girl was looking at me in total puzzlement. "Wait.", she said. "You have kids?" I told her I did and how old they were. "But how old are YOU?", she asked. When I told her I was 29, she pretty much looked at me in horror because she suddenly realized she'd been having a very teenaged conversation with an old person. Yeeeeeeah. She thought I was under 20. Which, you know, is crazy right? But very flattering. In the poor girl's defence it was dark out and the parking lot we were in wasn't well lit. And I really never grew up, so I'm sure I was just as excited sounding as any kid, and my voice definitely has never sounded age appropriate, so I really can see why she was so far off...

But I'm feeling much better about turning 30.


Keely said...

Hahhahah! Before I had a kid I never looked my age, and I worked in a bar where everyone else was 19. They always assumed I was their age, too, and were mortified when they realized they'd been discussing teenage things with someone 10 years their senior. Like they broke the code, or something.

You've now inspired me to write a blog post about my experience picking oranges. Thank you for making me re-live it. Really.

Rachel said...

I'm really bad at picking up on sarcasm, so either I'm sorry, or you're welcome! Either way, I'll look forward to reading it!

Shangrila said...

LOL-my sister was riding her bike with a cap on and pigtails and a teen boy rode his bike up beside her and asked her out. She said that she could see the exact moment when he realised that she was not a teenager (she's 28) and laughed about it. :)

I am totally envious of the orange-blossom smell-it sounds delicious! Happy RTT!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Well, I can testify you DO look younger than your age. My sister is frequently accused of being under 21 when she is in fact 34. Consider it a gift from Nature that you will always be chasing your age, not preceding it. :-)

D.M. Wright said...

That is hilarious! She just came up to you in a parking lot at night and asked you about Twilight? That is so random!