Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Tuesday, it's my 150th post, what can be more exciting than that? Wait, I can think of something...


I did it! I did it! Hot diggity, I successfully added a button! You, too, can participate in RTT with the Un Mom, and I've made it official. Really, I should stop this post right here since it is probably only going to go down hill from here. If you notice my title you can see it has taken me exactly 150 posts to get to this pinnacle of Html understanding. Perhaps next I will tackle changing my layout! *gasp*

No, that is almost too shocking to contemplate. I'll have to give that another 50 posts or so.

I'll continue.

-So, in these frightening economic times, most people prepare for the possibility of disaster striking by trimming unnecessary expenses, saving up, turning off the lights, that sort of thing. I'm a little different. Pretty much since birth it has been ingrained in me that you stock up on stuff so you are ready for anything. Or at least so you have plenty to eat.
Periodically I have an opportunity to add something to my stores, despite having no good place to keep them. After tonight's work I now have 25 pounds of sugar, 25 pounds of rolled oats, and 3 giant cans of potato flakes prepped for 30 year storage and readied for the Apocalypse. Or say, simultaneous job loss if that should come first. I guess we'd be eating a lot of oatmeal.

-This freaky baby urge is taking all kinds of turns. Not only was I inhaling the top of Lillian's head tonight like a junkie needing a fix, but I've been to some very diverse websites. Just last night a blog I lurk on led me to the site of a non-profit group that takes pictures for free of still born or dying babies so their parents will have something to remember them by.
Many sobs later I was learning about memorial tattoos and googling baby+memorial+tattoo and viewing some beautiful ones, including tiny little actual sized hand prints and foot prints, and baby portraits tattooed on the insides of forearms so it looks when you fold your arms like you are actually holding your baby. *sob* *sob*
Still sobbing I then found websites that help you plan out the design of any tattoo you might want as I sentimentally considered tattooing something Eliza-Lilli related somewhere on my body. Before I went to bed last night I had pretty much decided that I would get their newborn hand prints right on my chest Eve (you know who I mean, but follow the link to her Wiki if you don't) style, with Elizabeth's hand print holding a rose (for Elizabeth Rose), and Lillian's print holding a Lily.
In the cold light of day I think I pretty much snapped out of that, although I'm not yet out the woods with the baby obsession.

-In some circles my hubby as known as the Cereal Killer. This is, of course, coming to mind due to the chomping taking place behind me. That man has the metabolism of the Flash. Or at least the metabolism the Flash should have. It's scary what he can eat. I look at a cheeseburger and gain two pounds, and he eats 2 pounds of beef and complains that his pants are getting loose. We are pretty certain that he is not harboring a Tapeworm.
At any rate, his favorite junk food/snack food/anytime food really seems to be cereal. Like half a box at a sitting. You know how there has been lots of discussion lately on NPR (well, maybe you don't, so trust me on that) about grocery stores trimming down package sizes to avoid raising the actual dollar price on things? Well, it's affecting me the same as if we were a normal family who had three teenage sons. Really boosting my grocery bill.
Especially since he doesn't just chow down on the relatively cheap Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, Sugar O's (what, that's not a name of a cereal? I'm very surprised to hear that!) types of cereals, although he won't eat the generic stuff, he also likes the healthy cereals that never go on sale. Like Raisin Nut Bran and especially, ESPECIALLY Product 19 (since it apparently has 100% of Everything, and is therefore a Superior Food Product). Which is over 4 bucks for a tiny box. Because you pay through the nose for good nutrition. He doesn't eat hot cereal though, even though that is pretty dang nutritious.

I guess he's going to have to learn to like oatmeal when the Apocalypse comes.


Sprite's Keeper said...

John is the same way with cereal, but in spurts. He'll beg me to get Honey Bunches of Clusters of Oats and Others and zoom through one box, and then not touch the other until I throw it away after months of sitting. Then, a day after I toss it, he'll ask where it went.

Keely said...

Hahhahah! My hubby is the same. We have a massive family-sized box of Frosted Mini Wheats constantly that is JUST for him.

Add a gun and some bleach to your stockpiling and you're good for the zombie apocalypse, too. Just sayin'.

GreenJello said...

Get Cream of Wheat in bulk. Yum!

My hubby is a human garbage disposal. He eats more than the rest of us combined, I swear.