Monday, March 2, 2009


My poor baby. Lilli is either coming down with something or has an ear infection, or already has a cold, or SOMETHING. She is such a pitiful little thing when she's under the weather. Drainage, a bubbly cough, a nose like a faucet. And she's very sad. Waking up in her sleep to cry a little sad. Also very cranky, but we like to focus on the cute things like how cuddly she wants to be. We won't discuss the fit she threw tonight when her favorite stuffed dog got dropped right in some dirt outside and we had to take it away to clean it. She FREAKED OUT. To an uncharacteristic degree that I have been seeing hints of tonight and yesterday. So yeah, she's probably getting sick.

Ok, I guess she's actually sick. I just don't want to admit it. We had a super fun play date-filled weekend and most likely exposed multiple families to whatever plague this is. I feel really bad about that.

So gack.


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Rachelle plus 4 said...

I really hope she gets better soon :)