Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Things

I rarely get tagged for memes, no matter how much I love them, but I usually do them even when I haven't been. I was a little slow picking up on the viral Facebook meme that's going around and I have been tagged for it no less than 8 times. Kind of a delightful change.

At any rate, what is the point of putting this up on Facebook when I have a lovely blog and haven't bothered to post for a couple days?

So here it is.

25 Fairly Random Things:

1. I was born in Washington D.C. Which is cool, but makes things difficult when documents ask you what state you were born in.

2. I’m adopted, which puts me in the category of The Few and The Lucky.

3. My two favorite Jelly Belly flavors are Juicy Pear and Buttered Popcorn. Although really they’re all good, except for Tutti-Frutti and Peach and Cappuccino. And Jalapeno. Ok, I guess I take that back. Really, they’re NOT all good.

4. My favorite thing to do is read. I don’t care if it’s something on paper or on the computer, but I love it.

5. I have never been out of the country. Not even to Canada, Mexico or the Bahamas. Tragic, right?

6. The coolest Disney Princess is Belle, although Elizabeth insists that it’s Cinderella and I think Lilli agrees with her. Considering that “Rella!” is always the first princess to be pointed out to me.

7. Speaking of children’s pursuits, I am unreasonably fond of the Backyardigans.

8. David and I are the only 20 somethings (hmm. I guess he’s 30 now. Well, make that “people our age”) I know of that play Cribbage.

9. My favorite book continues to be Robin McKinley’s “Beauty” (see, there’s Belle again, told ya she’s my favorite). Although her new book, “Chalice” was just as fantastic as everything else she has written. And also I am a fan of the Twilight Series. Because I am female and once was A Teenager.

10. I am pretty good at pinball. The real kind, not the electronic kind. Which is a weird thing to be pretty good at in this day and age.

11. I can wiggle my ears. I also have Very Expressive Eyebrows.

12. I did a post about my fear of Fog (thanks to Stephen King’s short story “The Mist”), and then, since I was in a SK state of mind, stupidly went out and got his book “Duma Key” from the library. So now I’m afraid of sand and beach houses, and even more afraid of the Ocean, and I live in Florida. I applaud my brilliance.

13. My favorite thing about my job is that I can listen to my iPod while I do it.

14. I hate the sound a toothbrush makes with a passion. I brush because I find teeth to be useful objects, but if there was any way to avoid it, I would. For some people, it is nails on a chalkboard, for me its tooth brushing. I hate toothpaste commercials more than I can convey. They should be outlawed.

15. My non-so-secret favorite thing about having two little girls? They have cuter clothes and better toys than boys do. In fact some of the more exciting toys in our house are mine. Mostly so that the girls learn to share, since it’s easy to share somebody else’s toy, but also because they’re MINE. Heh heh heh.

16. I chew ice. I love to do it. It is very satisfying. However I was recently told by my dentist that I have to stop as I have apparently finally managed to wear off the enamel on part of the tooth that does the most crunching, and now I have to have that resin stuff put on there. Which is no small thing since I am definitely afraid of the possibility of having to have Novocaine, i.e., A NEEDLE IN MY MOUTH, for the first time. Of course what did I do this weekend? Yep, chomped away on some ice without a care in the world because I do it without thinking about it. *grumble*

17. Strangely, since I have this dislike of needles (see above), I actually enjoy giving blood. Not because I like having my vein jabbed and, most recently, my entire arm turn black and blue due to some Christmas Eve incompetence at the withdrawal center. It’s mostly because I’m O negative, so blood banks love me. Or at least my blood. And I like that. It’s nice to be appreciated.

18. I am extremely sentimental. Even about kids other then mine. So if you want me to sob like a baby for no good reason, send me a photo montage of your child aging, that is set to music. Even if it is “The Wind Beneath My Wings”, you’ll still kill me.

19. Reeeally sentimental. It was not that long ago that I was able to part with the stump of Elizabeth’s umbilical cord. And that’s just gross.

20. Things I still want to be when I grow up that are unlikely to happen: an opera singer, a dancer on Broadway, the mother of 10 children, a baby planner, a midwife, First Lady, owner of a bookstore.

21. I love cotton candy and those maple sugar blend molded candy things from Vermont. Reeeeally love them. I like sugar in general. And especially in its pure, yet flavored, form. I also like sugar cubes. As is.

22. I would like to have a dog. Particularly of the small fluffy purse variety. Specifically a Yorkie with that cute short trim that I see them with. Not the long stringy version. A tiny little dog that I could name Sam or Oscar and dress in little sweaters. However, David? Not such a fan of dogs. Me? Not such a fan of having to walk the thing or clean poo up from my yard. The girls? A little too forceful with the hugs. The cats? Would eat one alive. So, no dog for us. Especially no tiny dog.

23. I do, however, have a rat. She is almost the size of a teacup Yorkie, but would not appreciate being forced to wear a sweater. She does like to be brushed just like a dog though, and is probably smarter than some of them.

24. My favorite store is Target. I could spend hours there. Ok, I DO spend hours there. If I ever tell you that I’m going to just run in there and pick something up? I’m LYING. Not on purpose, but a five minute trip will never, ever happen.

25. My ideal weather is 75 with a slight breeze and partly cloudy. If you know of a place that has weather like that year round, please let me know at once.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh, we have more in common than you realize. 14 and 16 will be referenced on tomorrow's post. Also? I have a rat/yorkie terrier named Harry. He's 10 lbs, very smart, and temperamental that even Sprite can't get a handle on him. You really need to meet him.

dirigoxl said...

You should look into the ice chewing thing with your doctor.

Rachel said...

Ah, yes, the anemia thing. Actually, I'm good on that front or I wouldn't be able to give blood as mentioned in the post. My iron levels are occasionally on the border of elegibility to give blood, but that border is well above anything a doctor would be concerned about. But thank you for caring! Actually, although you didn't ask, I believe my ice chewing is actually the way I deal with frustration. You irritate me and I'll smile at you and shrug it off, but if I get a hold of an ice cube later, watch out! It's is very satisfying to chomp something down to water.

Joe and Melissa Vega said...

Buttered popcorn is my favorite flavor too:)

DragonFlyMAM said...

It was great to learn so much about you!!
I LOVE popcorn JBs too!!! Thought I was the only one.
"We are your friends, the Backyardigans...." Do you know that I rent them from the library, and sometimes have to convince Mikayla she wants to watch it (because I do!). lol
We should have a get together at Target - lol. I also do the hour long "five minute trip". Mikayla just about expects it.
You rock, Rachel! (which btw, we named Mikaylas first doll after you-love your name. eeks, hope that isn't creepy?)

Rachel said...

Hi Anna! Nope, not creepy at all! Unless the doll is some sort of baby Godzilla doll of course! Play date at Target! Woohoo!