Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ah yes, this was why I had children...

Because they're funny. Without trying.

Tonight was, of course, Library Night, and therefore Fast Food Night. But this time we overrode the calls for cheese roll ups per usual, and took an exotic trip to Arby's.

The kid's meal chicken poppers come in a cardboard container similar to a fry container. For some reason Lilli was trying to to "drink" out of it. Only there was a lone chicken popper in the carton. So every time she tilted her head back to "drink", that lonely chicken popper would fall onto her face, startling her. And, even though she kept doing it, every time it fell on her face she would jump, just as startled as the first time. David and I were cracking up. Like, I seriously hurt my lungs.

As with most funny things, you really had to be there.


Sprite's Keeper said...

How cute! That needs video!

Hannah said...

I agree.....VIDEO! LOL those are the best laughing moments-when it hurts!