Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sneaky Mama...

When Elizabeth was smaller she loved yogurt. LOVED it. Loved it to obsession in fact. I can only assume that Papa got excited by this and fed her too much at breakfast and lunch for too many days in a row, and now she hates it.

Lilli has never liked it. When she was first tasting foods and figuring out the solids thing, yogurt always came out as fast as it went in.

I want them to eat yogurt.

It's got a good dose of protein, and I'm a fan of dairy. Which granted they get plenty of, but since they (mostly Lilli) are iffy on their meat consumption, I want them to have protein. We are not bean people. So, dairy. So, still the cheese (seriously, what's with toddlers and string cheese?) and the cottage cheese and the milk, and the pudding, and did I mention the cheese? And I want them to have yogurt too.

Next point: I'm against being sneaky. Seinfeld's real life wife wrote a book (of course I'm blanking on the title and don't feel like making Google my friend right now) about all the underhanded ways you can sneak good for you stuff into not so good for you food. Like cauliflower puree into mac and cheese. Shredded carrots into meat loaf. That sort of thing. I think she even does evil things to brownies. I am not against fruit and vegetables. We eat a lot of them and I have strange toddlers who think green beans are candy and broccoli is the Best Thing Ever. So maybe if I had a problem getting the good for you stuff into my bitty ones I would be supportive of the hidden vitamins philosophy. Right now not so much.


During our grocery shopping over the weekend I decided we would try yogurt on them again. So I thought I'd try the runnier yogurt that they call a smoothie, since we hadn't tried that for a while. Naturally it was rejected.

The whole point of this long winded ramble is that tonight I made smoothies for everybody like they love for me to do, and instead of using orange or apple juice in it like usual, I poured in one of the yogurt smoothies and thinned things out with milk. And they LOVED it. Even Elizabeth.

And I don't feel guilty for being a sneaky mama at all. I feel deliciously underhanded and will be doing it again!


Sprite's Keeper said...

Just today, while eating her animal crackers on the way home, "Cheese stick? Cheese stick?"
What IS it with toddlers and cheese?

mistyb said...

The book is called: "Deceptively Delicious" and I have it. (Long story) But, I haven't used any recipes. Someone told me they are very good.