Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ack! The self induced pressure!

Soooooo, whoa!

Now that I'm pretty sure I've decided to fully embrace Random Tuesday Thoughts as brought to us all by the UnMom, I was a little startled to realize the week has come around to Tuesday again. Caught me a little short it did. And I thought by now I would have researched how to grab a dang button. But my "Edit Html" page appears to hate me. And it is not happening.

Anyway, let the randomness begin:

1. It irritates me quite a bit that after having learned a hula dance tonight, long story, won't go into it, I can't find the version of Kanaka Wai Wai on iTunes that I want. It appears that I'm going to have to go with either the super culturally accurate version, which is beautiful, but not what I'm looking for, or the Don Ho version, and that is SO not what I'm looking for. He's great when it comes to The Hukilau Song, but this song is on an entirely different plane. *grumble*

2. More than once in the last week I have wanted to kick a UPS driver or perhaps key one of their vans. No offense to you if you or a loved one works for Brown, this is entirely work related hatred and will pass.

3. So, most people, who don't have cable or some sort of dish service, would choose to deal with the networks switching to digital by buying a converter box. We chose to deal with it by buying a new TV. Perhaps last night we were confused and thought the economy was good? It is true that in actuality the misery that is the recession has not really affected us directly. But the fact that it could is hanging over our heads since neither of our industries is doing very well. So this may not have been the best decision. We did get a good deal though, and it's pretty. And while to most people this new TV is small to moderate in size and not worth getting excited over, it is an upgrade for us, and by our standards is practically movie theatre large. I will no longer have to squint at my Wii self. Which is pretty thrilling.

4. I have a strong hankering for sour cream and onion "Tater Skins". Do they still make those? Last I saw of them was in a Meijer in Ohio. And that was not exactly recently. And does anybody remember those chips that were kind of Dorito-like in shape and texture but came in different pizza flavors? Like Pepperoni and Supreme? I have to say that Pizza flavored Pringles are no substitutes and Heaven knows that I have tried to make them work for me. Although Pizza flavored Combos, while not at all similar, are dang delicious. Hmmm. I would also happily go for some shrimp cocktail right now. Or hummus and pretzel chips. I seem to be in a savory mood and hungry in general. This is what comes from deciding to give portion control a shot and following it up with some Tahitian style booty shaking.

It seems I'm going to have to stop the randomness and go have a snack now.

I happen to have some hummus.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Mm, I may need to raid the Sabras hummus with roasted red pepper which is minding its own business in the fridge right now...
And yes, I remember those chips. I think the name was a play on pizza too, but I don't remember much more..

Keely said...

You're helping to stimulate the economy!

I've often wondered about tripping the UPS guy or kicking him in the shins. But I think those guys are like the mafia and would hunt me down.

Happy belated Tuesday!

mistyb said...

Ok, so, I remember DOING the Hukilau with you!? Yes? You remember it too, right? I'm not crazy, I promise!