Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vacation: Elizabeth

Tonight was Elizabeth's Kindergarten Meet and Greet (sob! School starts Monday!), so tonight's vacation post is about her.

She also had a blast on vacation. She spent a lot of time playing with Nana's Lincoln Logs up in the bonus room. Not sure why we don't have Lincoln Logs at our house, but we don't, and they provided endless entertainment:

Here she is at Market Street Cafe, which is one of my favorite places to eat on the Island. David and the girls like it just fine, but I'm the one who loves it because they make the best Chicken Souvlaki I've ever had, and I try Chicken Souvlaki anywhere I am that has it. Perfectly juicy chicken cooked perfectly with the peppers and onions, just the right amount of lettuce, tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce, wrapped in the perfect slightly crisp pita. DELICIOUS. Anyway, Elizabeth had pizza, but she looks almost as happy as I was:

And here she is basking. This was right before she met a giant Golden Retriever named Darwin that she fell in love with, so she had a really good day.

She also got to get good and soaked playing in a fountain. What kid doesn't like that? Oh right, Lilli, who refused to get her clothes wet and sat on a bench in a grump. Kids.

More pizza! Giuseppe's has a fun kids' menu though.

We saw a magic show that was part of the tourist season entertainment (Gary Maurer, "South Carolina Magician of the Year"), and Elizabeth and her cousin, Kai got to be in the show. Here she is introducing herself and telling where she was from. She was pretty cute up there.

At the beach. She was blissfully happy. She discovered boogie boarding and was pretty devastated when her newly acquired board had to be left at Nana's when there wasn't room in the trunk to bring it home.

At Harbour Town. I don't have a scanned in picture, but I thought this was kind of nice because I have a picture of myself in these very chairs that was taken on my honeymoon (which, in case I wasn't clear, happened on Hilton Head).

Being cute while watching the Smurfs. The original Smurfs, not the weird new movie.

Annnnnd, finally, at Aunt Chilada's on our last day. She was super happy to discover that she could get ice cream for simply coloring in the logo. Coloring and ice cream are two of her most favorite things ever.
It was chocolate.


Ready for another David story here in the Month Before the Big One Zero?

I thought I'd just tell you that the first time we held hands was during the Ohio State v. Michigan game. We weren't dating yet, just kind of flirting around, and it was VERY COLD at the game, and there was only one blanket, sooooooo...there was just a bit of snuggling. And some tentative hand holding. And now I have made it sound that we acted like a couple of five-year-olds. Good grief.

But of course it turned out just fine.

It also happens that we (OSU) won the game, so of course everybody rushed the field (they also rioted whether we won or lost. Cars a-burning on 15th avenue!), and then promptly got tear gassed. But not us, because we were too busy cuddling. Saved from swollen eyes by awkward giggly lovey stuff!

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