Monday, August 15, 2011

Preschool Eve: Is that even a thing?

So, there's this miss Sassy Pants with her hey there mama, you thought you'd take a sweet little picture of me in my sun dress, but I look all old and stuff face.

She starts preschool tomorrow. There should be a law against this growing up thing.

Is she experiencing one twinge of nervousness? NOOOOOOO. She can't wait. I've been treated to several run on sentences at top decibel, all about how excited she is and how she's going to make new friends and play outside and have a snack AND EAT LUNCH FROM MY HELLO KITTY LUNCHBOX, AND YOU WILL PUT A BUDDY FRUIT IN THERE, RIGHT MAMA????

I took the day off again. I figure I only have a shot at these milestones once, right? At least once per kid.

Speaking of kids, get a load of these two!

Back before we had children we used to go on these things called "dates". Ok technically we still go on dates, but rarely is there public cuddling and boutonnieres. Oh yes, and since we were in college still in the above picture, this seems to have been taken prior to the "Bradley/Patterson Spring Semi-Formal." In other words, it was before a dorm dance. Except not at the dorms. And with fancy dinners out and stuff.

Ok, only if you call Joe's Crab Shack fancy.

I may not call it fancy, but I do call it delicious.

Anyway, we actually attended 3 of them (that would be the Springs of my Sophomore, Junior and Senior years for anyone counting), and it wasn't until the last one that I looked older than about 10 in the pictures. I maaaay have pulled off a convincing 14 or 15.

Ten years of marriage (plus 2.5 years of dating) later, and I've got a few gray (actually metallic blonde, we could pretend I have weird highlights) hairs, and he's getting some smile lines. But from the comments we constantly get about how we "must have started young" (in regard to having children) it's pretty clear that we might get quite a bit farther along before we actually start to look our ages.

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