Monday, August 22, 2011


It's just a head cold.

It's nothing really. I've had worse.

But have I mentioned how much I hate head colds? I hate that almost burning constant twinge in the back of my nose, the raw throat, the headache in my left frontal lobe, the stab behind my eye, the general exhaustion. I especially hate that I wasted all the years of my youth when I could have lounged around in bed all day being coddled by my mom (major only child perk) by hardly ever getting sick. The sum total of my childhood illnesses that sent me to my bed was 8. That includes 1 bout of mono, 4 bouts of stomach flu, 1 case of chicken pox, and 2 regular flus. That was it. Since Lilli was born and took my entire immune system with her, I have not been the same. And now I'm grown up and have all these responsibilities. And I don't get to lounge around in bed unless I'm so ill I can't walk (and thanks to Lilli, its happened more than once in the last 4 years). So if I can walk I have to buck up. And eat soup in the lunch room and bring an extra box of tissues.

So most of all I hate staring at spreadsheets while I have a head cold.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

I hope you feel better soon!