Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Tuesday that feels like a Monday

Having Monday off always throws me out of whack. I have all the Monday headaches at work, but since it's Tuesday I'm one day closer to my deadlines, so AAAAAAAIIIIIEEEEEE.

As I say all the time, it's a good thing it's always worth the punishment I seem to suffer for having time off.

Hey! Guess what! I didn't go beat up some elementary aged children for harassing my kindergartner while she was waiting for her Grandma to pick her up from school today. Granted I had no idea who these kids were who thought it would be fun to keep hitting the back of Elizabeth's back pack even after she asked them to stop, but David and I both considered finding out and finding them and... You will be happy to hear that we've decided violence isn't the answer. Probably.

This was tonight's homework- "sort silverware, sort laundry". I understand that sorting is a beginning math skill (although I feel the need to point out that both of my girls are already quite proficient at addition and subtraction. Elizabeth can just use bigger numbers than Lilli can. Tear of happiness!). However it seems like kindergarten is also going to encourage Elizabeth to learn more household chores, so I am liking school big time!

I was kind of worried that after almost a month off violin lessons due to vacations and double booking (on my part), and admittedly insufficient practice (I'm busy and I don't trust my newly turned 4 year old alone with her violin) that we'd be set back to the beginning of this process. I do pay for these lessons after all. Happily Lilli learned the notes of the A string without any issue, and seems to be finally getting proficient with her bow, so my worries were for nothing. We'll see how she does next week when her lesson is on her first day of preschool. I predict a complete lack of attention span!

Would you like to know what I had for dinner? Since I went straight from work to taking Lilli to violin to visiting a lady from my church, I was forced to have a tuna sandwich. Fortunately it was delicious since I made it the proper way: tuna, plus miracle whip (NOT MAYO), plus green olives, plus crumbled Doritos. In a wrap. YUM.

For today's Anniversary Month Item, I would like to dedicate the following (oldish-2008) song to my husband (if I did this correctly), as it sums up our relationship in several ways:

This Randomosity was brought to you by nobody in particular this week, it's just what you do on Tuesdays in my circles.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

I'm seeing a trend in your posting, Rachel! Love the more frequent blogging!
You need to share the tools you are using on the math. Sprite knows some basic addition and subtraction (we use easy things like checkers where she can count them out) but I don't think it computes to actual problems like 2+3=5. Sprite is getting better at her sight words though, and she is loving VPK. :-)