Thursday, August 18, 2011

Most of the time I'm as sweet as pie...

...sometimes I'm not.

Conversation between me and occupants of giant SUV in the dance class parking lot that had parked so close to me that the only way to get the back door open enough to get Elizabeth in was to rest my door on their (giant) tire/wheel well:

Lady in the SUV: Excuse me, your door is hitting my car

Me: You're parked kind of close

Lady: I'm in the line (she was, but only barely, while I was perfectly centered in my space) and you need to be more careful.

Me: My daughter needs to be able to get into her car seat. And while my door is touching your tire, I did not "hit" your car.

Lady: (wisely backing off) Ok

Me: (Not letting it go) Next time you park, you might want to make sure there is actually enough room for your vehicle.

Was that super rude? No, not really. I don't curse at people, I didn't even glare. But I didn't exactly turn the other cheek. I could have been apologetic, it wouldn't have hurt me any. But I've been pretty cranky lately, and at the time I thought it was quite generous of me not give her an evil glare or hit her door with my door when it was my turn to get in. It must be getting time to break out the chocolate.


In other news, the invincible Lilli was struck down by a tummy bug. She has not thrown up for a couple of years (bless her for taking after me! We both hate throwing up!), and she threw up twice today. She actually was sent home from preschool, and it is a good thing because time number one would have happened right in the classroom. I think it would have made pick up time pretty awful. She must be feeling better already though because she was hungry before she went to bed and mad at me for not letting her eat. Also her fever was up to 102.7, and its back down to a tolerable 100. Yay for quick illnesses! I'm hoping she has a good night.


In still other news, I'm kind of sad I've gotten away from sharing Anniversary Anecdotes! That is what business and sleepiness will do to a girl. So here's a quick one, that has nothing to do with how we met, got together, got married or any of the rest of it. Saturday is normally my day to sleep in and Sunday is David's day. By "sleep in" I mean 8:30, so we aren't talking anything crazy, but it's necessary for two night owls and delightful. Well, due to various commitments I haven't gotten to take my day in a couple months. He'd get up with the girls, but I would have to be up also, and usually heading out the door by 8 or earlier. So last Sunday he let me take his day and I had some glorious badly needed extra hours of snoozing. I adore it when he's thoughtful like that!

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Sprite's Keeper said...

Ugh, I think I've been parked next to that SUV before. Space hog. You were perfectly right to tell her what's what, although I had a close call in the preschool parking lot today with a guy who couldn't wait to get around me and I almost hit him since I didn't see him trying to cut me off. He pulled into the spot I was waiting for and I caught up with him later in the school and told him how close he'd come to hitting me. Then I regretted saying anything because he just didn't care. Grr.