Monday, August 8, 2011

First Day

This little cutie pie went to Kindergarten today:

She nicely posed with her sister (who seems to have grown a few more inches while I wasn't looking) before we left for school. Which just for the record, is about 2 minutes from our house. That was MAJOR attraction of this house. Besides the fact that we love it I mean. Anyway, sisters:

We were able to park the car (long story, but we didn't know if we could) and walk her to her classroom. She was in a big hurry even though it was a bit of a hike:

After a quick (begrudging!) kiss, she was off into her room without a look back:
Not sure you can tell from the photo, but this is the kind of school that instead of having one big building with internal hallways (like I had back in Ohio) has blocks of classrooms connected by covered walk ways. This picture was taking at the exterior door, and if you look through the opposite door you can see through the teacher workroom on into another classroom. I kind of like the set up which is why I mentioned it.

After we dropped Elizabeth off at school and David had some breakfast (he chose a bit more sleep over breakfast when the girls and I had it), we ran a couple quick errands and took Lilli to Pump it Up. So if she looks like she's in a giant bounce house getting tickled by daddy, she is:

We took Lilli to lunch (Moe's, one of her favorites), made a brief stop at Target to pick up more of my new obsession- Ciao Bella blood orange sorbet (No! Not pregnant! Just hadn't had that flavor before and now can't stop), and then went to pick up Elizabeth.

Her day ends at 2:15, we were in the Parent Pick Up line at 2:10. And then we didn't move. When we finally started moving it was slowwwwww. When we actually got to the turn into the school (the winding road in back of the school actually), this is what it looked like ahead of us:

This is what it looked like behind us:

We didn't get her in the car until 2:50!

Despite thinking we were maybe not coming back for her, she greeted us with "I HAD THE BEST DAY OF SCHOOL EVER!!!!"
She told us all about her great day (which apparently included playing freeze dance- I knew I liked this school!), we went home, she had a snack (one of the blueberry muffins I made her this morning that she was too excited to eat) and she buckled down to her homework- 20 minutes of reading (to or with someone or independently) and her name written "creatively". The is a "school for the arts" after all. She ended up writing her name with bits of ribbon that she cut to size and glued onto paper. That works and it was cute.

Hopefully day 2 is just as great for her!


Did you think I'd forgotten my Anniversary Anecdotes?

The only reason I have such familiarity with the Atlantic Ocean is thanks to David. I had been to the Gulf of Mexico in 8th grade (Galveston, TX visiting a friend), but I'd never seen the ocean. His family started vacationing on Hilton Head when he was about 8. First they did time shares, and they were still doing that when I met David, then they bought a condo, and then eventually his parents retired there to a beautiful home they built on a piece of property they bought either their first or second visit to the Island. At any rate, they were used to going for Spring Break, 2 weeks in summer and a week at Christmas every year, and friends were welcome. And, that first summer after we started dating, as the Most Serious Girlfriend so far, I was definitely invited. I fell in love with the Island on the spot and fell even more in love with the guy who'd taken me there.

If you can see past the horrible quality of the below photo, ignore that we look like 10 year old kiddos playing dress up, AND ignore whatever the heck was going on with my hair, you might be able to see that we'd cleaned up alright for a fancy pants dress up date to a really nice restaurant during that first trip.

It should be no surprise that is where we decided to Honeymoon.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

That's wonderful that Elizabeth had a great first day! And next week is Lilli's turn..
I need to get up to Hilton Head one of these days if only to see the beauty you keep describing.
(Love the photo!)