Saturday, August 20, 2011

I heart Zumba

Today I participated in my first Zumba-thon!

It wasn't the first time I've done Zumba, I used to do it regularly and loved it. But this was the first time in a long time (It actually caused damage to my knee back then, and the doctor told me "no more of that!"), and I had really forgotten just how much I love it. It is super intense, but I love the music and the dancing is so much fun that you kind of don't mind the pain or the sweat dripping off you (boy does it drip) and burning your eyes. And it teaches you some mooooooves. I actually have a hard time not smiling the entire time which probably looks a little weird.

This was a 3 hour session to benefit the Alzheimer's Association, and based on the number of people there at $10 each, I think they did quite well! I did not make it the whole three hours, I only made it an hour and 45 minutes, but since I've never done more than an hour before and haven't done it for a couple years, I think that is fantastic. My poor two friends I was there with had never done it before and had no idea what they were in for. I looked back at my friend R about a minute into the very first song, and the look of horror on her face was awesome. They made it through the entire first hour, and I think they could have gone longer, but they reeeally didn't want to. They may not have adored every second like I did. For sure we will all be sore tomorrow. Heck, I'm pretty ouchy right this second. I can't think of a muscle in the body this doesn't work.

So I'm thinking I might have to take it up again. My knee was fine today, it didn't even give me a twinge, and both the gym I belong to and the girls' dance studio offer classes. I think as long as I'm careful on the turns I won't have a problem. Yes, I know that there is Zumba for the Wii, I looked at it tonight when we were at Target, and I'm thinking about it, but I think part of the fun is being in the group environment with everyone cheering each other on while we shake our backsides as fast as we possibly can.

Dancing makes me so happy! The exercise is just a bonus.

Who wants to come with me?

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Sprite's Keeper said...

We have the Zumba for the Wii! Wanna try it for free??