Sunday, August 2, 2009

Reorganizational Pains...

We've undertaken to rearrange our house.

But of course we can't do it the normal way. Or at least what I imagine is the normal way. If we were normal we would first never let things get like this. But if the insanity had crept up on us anyway, I think most people would make a task list, prioritize it and set aside bite size chunks to do each night. But that's not how we work. Oh no it isn't.

We are great at procrastination (we make a wonderful team, even at that), so we put things off and put them off until either we have an impending visit by someone from out of town or someone from in town who would promptly drop dead on the sight of my living room, or things have gotten so bad that just walking in my front door makes me want to throw up.

Hmmm. I feel I'd better pause and define "gotten so bad". Our house is small to begin with, I shop the clearance aisles like a fiend, so the girls have way too many toys, and, as I said, we procrastinate, so instead of putting something in its home we tend to leave it where it fell until it's gained 2 or 3 (hundred) friends. So while my house is clean (as clean as it can be with 3 cats in residence), thanks to my dad who mops it constantly, and my willingness to move a pile of junk, dust the spot and put the pile back, it is very very cluttered. Which makes it feel even smaller. Which makes my claustrophobia kick in, and who needs that?

So anyway, we are in the midst of a massive cleaning and re-organization process, because I just can't take the mess any more. But instead of the bite sized thing I mentioned above, we spent nap times and evenings this weekend just diving in. We're trying to create both a play area for the girls and some storage options, plus open up the walkways, and let me tell you, it isn't easy. We have tile throughout, and our backs are feeling it, because we just throw ourselves into the process until we drop from exhaustion. So far, though, I'm loving the results. Some day I may even post the "after" pictures on here. Even more exciting, I may someday not have to carefully scrutinize pictures of the girls before I post them to make sure that the fact that I am forced to use old diaper boxes to corral all their toys is not too visible.

That's amazing to even contemplate.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

I tend to "get inspired" and attack a mess before John even knows what I'm up to. Poor guy, I'm getting inspired with his office and he hasn't a clue. (Mwahahaha...) Post pictures!