Tuesday, August 25, 2009

8 years together, and yet I still have a question...

8 years ago today, on a Saturday morning, David and I were married. I'm phenomenally lucky that it has been 99.9% fantastic, and that .01% is minor stuff. David is a wonderful husband and a much loved awesome daddy.

Traditionally we take a photo on the day of our anniversary and add it to a book that my mother gave us for our wedding. Each year has space for an update on where we are and what has happened in the past year, and so far we haven't missed a photo. Of course 8 years, isn't that much, come back in 25, but it still is nothing to sneeze at.

This year, we'll call it "Self-Portrait Year", I'm not sure which photo direction to go. We ended up with a lot of photo choices. So, which one would you pick?

Very Tan Husband?

Devilish Husband?

Kissy-Face Husband?

Putting on a Show for the Camera Husband?

Silly Husband?

Tender Husband?

Which one of these guys deserves to be in my book for the next 70 years or so?


Sprite's Keeper said...

I'm stuck between tan and tender. You look great in all of them!

Rachel said...

ooooooh. You're in the majority. So far it's tender as first choice, then tan, then silly, then kissy-face.