Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today I've decided to be a little opinionated...

You know, I haven't had much of an opinion when it comes to the health care debate.

I, like a lot of people who don't have a lot of pennies to pinch at the moment, have had a hard time imagining how I'm going to come up with the funds if the new health care plan creates or increases my payments on something. But at the same time, I'm a devoted mama, and I don't want my children or anyone else's, or any adults for that matter, to have to go without a doctor's care because of a lack of insurance. So like a lot of people I've been waffling. But since I'm fortunate enough to be provided good coverage by my job, it's not something I stay up at night pondering.

But then I read the latest post from a blog I've been following for a while, from a mama who has good reason to feel the way she does about things, and I made up my mind. I can't say I really care any more if I have to dig around in the couch cushions for change to pay my part of whatever tax bill comes out of this.

I try not to be overly opinionated in my posts, at least when it comes to matters of politics or religion or any of the topics that aren't considered good manners to discuss the first time you meet someone. It's the internet, anybody can wander by (and does, I see my stats- Brussels? Zimbabwe?), and since I pretty much just want a platform to talk about my girls, I'm not out to dabble in controversy. So I don't often point at another site (again, the link is above) and say "yeah, read that, see?" But I am this time. Maybe you already have an opinion and will find it quite heart-wrenchingly validated, maybe you'll form one, or maybe it won't change a thing for you, but I thought she made her point.

See what you think.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

I read the post just now and I would be a sobbing mess myself if I was comparing to the last pregnancy. I tried commenting but got blocked.
I too have good coverage, not as good as it was, but still good considering. I'm afraid of where we would be without it.