Friday, August 7, 2009


Elizabeth wrote her whole name for the first time tonight!

It is a triumph because she is 3 and a half and it has taken her a while to get to this point.

Shame on me for giving her a nine letter name.

She could write individual letters before, but didn't have the ability, or at least the interest, to write the whole thing at once. Sure, she had to look at her name as I'd written it out first in order to do it, but the important thing is that she did it, it's BEAUTIFUL and she was excited about it.
She only had trouble with the lower case "H" (although she pointed out and was not pleased by the fact that her "z" looks more like a two).

We owe this success to the LeapFrog Scribble and Write thingamajig. It seems my child is a creature of technology. She has little pre-school workbooks, which she enjoys, but I guess letters and shapes are more fun to draw on the fancier option. Whatever it takes I say. I wanted to see if she could translate what she learned on the Scribble and Write to paper, and it seems she can. We will be practicing "h"!


Sprite's Keeper said...

I think this means scholarship! You can stop saving for her college now! (Lilli won't have to work so hard since you only gave her 2 letters for her nickname..) :-)

Rachel said...

hee hee. Elizabeth will definitely qualify for a full ride someday based on this sucess. Today her name, tomorrow she writes the next Harry Potter! And yes, I had no idea how unfair I was being with Lilli's nickname!